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Toray Airtastic - Enlighten Yourself

Nylon but make it SUSTAINABLE!

With Toray’s Airtastic fabric collection, the Japanese fabric specialist offers a wealth of high-performance fabrics for sportswear, outdoor clothing, and high fashion. 

Decades of know-how, high-tech machinery and much expertise are put into these fabrics to ensure that performance wear really performs.


Airtastic materials are designed for everyday adventurers and those who thrive in the outdoors.

It’s built to enhance your explorings, whatever the environment throws at you.

It feels like nothing, but gives you everything, allowing you the confidence to enlighten yourself and your next adventure.


Considering rising demand in recent years for environment-friendly products to address such global environmental issues as resource depletion and global warming and to address a growing awareness of the need to build a sustainable society Toray has developed a 100% Bio-based Nylon

Unlike other wholly plant-based nylons, our newly developed 100% bio-based Nylon has a high melting point and outstanding dimensional stability. 

It is as strong and heat resistant as Nylon 6. We can thus create products that are sustainable without compromising performance. 



Application phase:  August 16th - August 30th

Testing period: from September 11th 


The testers: 

The ideal tester enjoys outdoor activities. Be it hiking, jogging, trekking. During the testing the tester will provide feedback on how the jacket could/should be improved. 



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