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Cyclists wanted: test THE innovative chamois cream

Long distance cyclists wanted!!


Disruptive Materials together with USWE Sports are looking for about 50 -100 long distance cyclists!


You’re a long distance cyclist that likes a challenge and to endure the long hours on the saddle. You also want to perform your best at all times and don’t wont pain to interfere. You are using chamois cream to protect your skin and keep it fit for your next challenge. 

Then we are looking for you! 


Disruptive Materials has - together with USWE Sports - developed a new high-tech and long lasting chamois cream to protect the skin against saddle sores and chafing. The anhydrous formula,  boosted with the patented ingredient Upsalite® keeps the formula properties intact over a longer time by absorbing excess moisture.

The long-lasting protection has been tested by the R&D department in the lab and verified by some high performance cyclists. 

We want you to use the product, compare and evaluate the protective properties under different weather conditions during long distance cycling. 



Start of application phase:  July 8, 2022

End of application phase:  July 24, 2022

Start of testing phase:  Beginning of August 

End of testing phase: End of August 

Important: As a tester, you should really have time to test the product and leave your feedback in writing in the forum during the specified time period (plus eventually two weeks for any shipping difficulties). Each tester should leave at least one post per week in the forum - more are welcome. Of course we are also happy about photos, videos and contributions in social media. :-)


What is Upsalite? 

Upsalite® is a patented innovation, stemming from state-of-the-art research from Uppsala University, Sweden. Upsalite® has a supremely high surface area as compared to other earth metal carbonates resulting in its unique absorption capacity. Upsalite® is synthesized from naturally derived minerals, additive free and safe. 



Chafing occurs as a result of frictional forces mechanically wear down the outer skin layers forming a so called “hotspot” where the skin reddens. Eventually the forces damage the skin causing discomfort. Moist skin as a result of sweating increases the friction and during long-distance activities chafing can become a real problem.

According to literature groin/buttock was the third most common site for overuse injury/complaint characterized by pain/soreness, numbness, swelling of soft tissues, skin irritations, or a "pain in the butt!". 

One way to combat this is to use a chamois (“shammy”) cream which creates a lubricating barrier that minimize friction, thereby protecting the skin from repetitive rubbing. This works well in most cases, but the effect often deteriorates after added kilometers. After speaking with both brands and active cyclists, Disruptive Materials saw an opportunity to use the high moisture absorbing properties of Upsalite® to develop a long-lasting chamois cream that was not as diluted with sweat. 

After months of development in the lab, the prototypes were distributed to cycling athletes for evaluation and the feedback matched the results obtained in the lab; the chamois cream was more long lasting then competitor products and Upsalite® did contribute to keep the formulation properties intact. 


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