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30.12.23 06:45


I enjoy anything movement that is outdoors. I am experienced backpacking and backcountry winter camping and used to do sled dogging. Mostly I do Trail running, cross country, marathons skiing, and dabble in mountain biking, ice skating, swimming. I test products for many companies and enjoy helping out when I can 

29.11.23 07:51

I am a zebra (social entrepreneuse), which makes me an empathetic team player and leader, a creative problem-solver with a doer mentality, and an inclusive collaborator and energetic communicator, who is keen on learning new things and skills. In this wonderful process, I don't shy away from being vulnerable and symbolizing everything but perfect, as it is the only way to grow (myself and others). 

3.11.23 17:26

I'm a marine biologist, traveler, outdoor lover and sometimes I write about Outdoor Sports and Travel

3.11.23 15:17

Hello. I am creative services specialist connecting people with bands. Following my passion for sport and the outdoors I work with a range of clients from large international companies to small start-ups.

31.10.23 18:36

Hi ich bin Niko,

Produktdesigner, UI, UX Experte und Markenberater.
Habe dieses Jahr zusammen mit zwei Freundinnen eine Yoga- und Athleisure Brand für Frauen gegründet. Wir starten beyond Greenwashing, wollen nur mit natürlichen Materialien arbeiten und setzen auf 100% transparente Lieferketten. Ich freue mich über Anregungen, Austausch und darüber Teil der Nachhaltigkeitswende zu sein.
Ich liebe Snowboard- und Ski, MTB, Boxen, Crossfit und Yoga.

18.08.23 16:16

Ich in Eike, Lehrerin, Läuferin, Surfern, ich wandere & Kletterer gern & viel, ein Wochenende ohne Outdoor-Aktivität gibt es bei mir nicht. 🏃🧗🏄🙂

15.06.23 13:25

Hello All, 


I am Rajesh - Fashion Designer, I run a vertically integrated digital printing and production center for organic clothing production, we are into organic garment exports for more then 18 years.  My website is I wanted to meet new people, explore the opportunity, learning about new produts and the technology. 

28.04.23 17:21

Hello. I am an avid runner, skier and most things outdoors. I was an outdoor hardgoods and softgoods salesperson for years and now have my own company and enjoy watching my HS and College age children participate in sports.

16.03.23 23:45

Hi, my name is Freya, I'm from Tradebyte (part of the Zalando Group), we're the largest fashion integrator in Europe and work with 1000s of brands to help them work on a marketplace / DTC model with more than 70 retailers.


I'm here to meet new people and keep updated on news in the industry :) 

29.11.22 12:12

Representing Honey Stinger sports nutrition and looking to meet with potential retail buyers and distributors 

16.01.23 12:36

Write me to be featured on our magazine



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