Published on 6.07.22 10:44
What's going on here on the platform? An overview

Dear Collaborators,

there is always a lot going on here on the platform. [READ MORE]

To keep you up to date on which project is active, what's happening there, what the results are, etc. I will keep this entry as up-to-date as possible. A kind of news ticker.

Projects that are in the application phase:



  • Take part in the new Collaborators Club survey and win 2x2 nights at Bike & Soul in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria.
  • Vote for your favorite product and decide who will win the coveted trophy of the ISPO Award Public Choice trophy. The decision will be announced live at ISPO Munich on November 29th

Special offers:

Nothing online at the moment

Projects in the test phase:

Not online at the moment


6.12.23 13:07

is it still moving this club in any way? i don't see anything new for months. no new products testing, no new news. Please share with us!!!

17.11.23 22:16

Freu mich schon auf den Besuch auf der ISPO in München 

15.11.23 11:00

would be happy to be there

11.11.23 00:32

Würde mich sehr über den Gewinn bei der ISPO freuen. 

9.11.23 10:50

I've been already down!

3.11.23 16:02

Sehr cool! Bin dabei 🤩

17.10.23 16:13

Free tickets and ski tests!!! love

15.10.23 22:22

Würde mich sehr über ein Ticket für die ISPO freuen ☺️☺️

14.10.23 01:04

Ein Ticket für die ISPO - das ist mein Gewinn 👍🤞

25.08.22 09:11

Kann leider die ISPO Award nicht öffnen!

25.08.22 17:09

Matrix0470 : magst du mir eine email schreiben an Vielleicht mit einem Screenshot, welche Fehlermeldung du bekommst? Ich bin sicher, wir finden den Fehler! 

Viele Grüße, Christina 

3.09.22 19:15

as writte befeore,  before to see the link you must apply to the Jury selection



We want to know more about you!

Dear Collaborators,
it's that time again! We need your input again! [READ MORE]
You want to ...

Dear Collaborators,
the ISPO Award is waiting in the wings again!


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