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Lockdown - Indoor - Fight against myself

With the lockdown I was forced to stay at home, because my son's school also closed 5 times, and each time for 4 weeks at least.


I did a lot more indoor cycling, using these apps, ZWIFT and RGT CYCLING. The BIG thing I did was fight my own records in the virtual world. Of course, cycling indoors and outdoors is not the same thing. Two completely different worlds, both have positives and negatives points. But in the end I ended up making some new friends in these virtual worlds, these are real people from all over the world with the same passion for the same sport, and that was really good.


So my main sport last year was “virtual cycling”.

Of course I also went outdoors, hiking, MTB, trail running. But the virtual world won last year.

The photo below is me in the Real World VS Virtual World




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