What was your sports highlight in 2021?

Tell us what fascinated you!

What did you marvel at?  What have you experienced? What are you proud of?


What a crazy sports year! Gyms and gymnasiums closed due to lockdown. Ghost games in ice hockey, handball, soccer, etc. Olympics 2020 delayed by a year. We were inundated with guides on fitness in the lockdown. Outdoor sports boomed so much that bikes capitulated to high demand. And we saw a coach slap his judoka for motivation.



Tell the community your personal sports highlight of 2021

Did you turn your bathroom into a gym? Did you find an exciting route to run or bike? Did you discover a brand new sport for yourself? Did you see an athletic feat that amazed you?


Tell us your sports highlight of 2021! Write us about what you experienced. Upload pictures or videos. Share your comments and likes for others' highlights.