Published on 17.11.21 11:18
New Collaborators Club Survey!

Dear Collaborators,

it's that time again! We need your input again!

You want to go straight to the questionnaire and read the blog later? Then this way.

Why are we doing this?

When you buy sporting goods or clothing, read articles in magazines or talk to your friends, there are certainly situations in which you say the following sentences or think to yourself: "Brand X is developing super. I wouldn't have thought so half a year ago, but the new products are really good!" or "So the new collection of brand Y - I don't know... Against the current background, I find it difficult to still use raw material abc to this extent." or " The other day I came across brand Z in an article. I didn't even know there was a manufacturer that was addressing the problem of F. Too bad hardly anyone knows about Brand Z!"  

All things that the aforementioned brands should definitely hear - either to celebrate good decisions and encourage them along the way, or to give them a nudge from a customer perspective.  It's all in your hands!

Why do we almost always ask the same questions?

Because of the comparability. When we ask you about your favorite brands in general or in a specific area, we form a ranking from your answers. For example, like this: 



The companies involved are then naturally interested in the results and, in the case of poorer rankings, consider how they can improve their image with you, their customers.  With your help, we want to help the sports and sporting goods brands to better respond to your wishes and ideas.  

Do you sell the report?

No, of course not.  The report can be requested free of charge by anyone who is interested.  Here.

Do I really have to fill in all the empty fields?

No, please fill in only what comes to your mind.  The number of registered trademarks is not decisive for your chances to win the thank-you gift.  I have also changed the look of the questionnaire a bit.

Do you give personal data or answers from me to brands or the respective partner?

No. The respective partner of a Consumer Insights survey receives the answers to his question evaluated and anonymized. Why do we ask for your address? If you win, we save time and can send you the prize more quickly.  In the event that the prizes are sent directly by the partner, we will contact you again briefly to obtain your consent for the one-time forwarding of your data.  

I hope I was able to answer a few open questions with this little article and that you are now totally motivated to participate! Then right this way: To questionnaire


Thanks a lot and good luck!


28.03.22 09:32

Danke für das Lob! Wenn du Anregungen oder Wünsche hast melde dich gern! 

ISPO_Christina 28.03. 09:32

Danke für das Lob! Wenn du Anregungen oder Wünsche hast melde dich gern! 

15.03.22 07:57

Hi Christina, danke für die Details! BG Kai

KaiGehr 15.03. 07:57

Hi Christina, danke für die Details! BG Kai