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Application phase for the ISPO Award Jury

Dear Collaborators,

the ISPO Award is waiting in the wings again! Every day we receive applications with innovative products and services that are now waiting to be awarded. That's why we have our jury - and we also need your expertise: you, as consumer experts, know best which products should be awarded the title of ISPO Award winner.

Compared to previous years, we have changed the process somewhat and will now hold a jury meeting once a quarter. And each time we need three collaborators to support our jurors. The jury will also consist of three technical editors from

Apply now and secure your spot on the jury team!


Current Jury Session for Q3/2023:

For the jury session on September 22nd we will travel to South Tyrol, more precisely: to San Vigilio at Kronplatz. We are currently planning the activities with the tourism board - but as always we will take care that it will be two great days. Be part of it, we are looking forward to you!


Important information:

When do you need to be available? We still have two jury sessions for 2023: September 21/22 and 03/04 . November 2023, please indicate in your application which dates you can attend. If it doesn't work out with the first date, it might work out with the second!

Where will the jury session take place? Each jury meeting will be held at a different location. The location for the fourth jury meeting in 2023 has not yet been determined, but you can be sure that we will come up with something great, as we do every time! Below you'll find a few impressions from the 2022 meetings.

What can you expect? An exciting, fun and sporty day or two! Depending on how many products are to be evaluated, the evaluation session will last one or two days. We will of course announce the exact duration beforehand.

What do we expect from you? Fun with new products and innovations, ability to work in a team, neutrality in judging, good English skills, etc. We will also take photos on site to document the judging session. Winners should agree to be seen in one or two published photos as well. One or two products are not expected to be published yet and the jury may need to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the product.

What do you need to bring? Jury sessions can include all types of products: Outdoor, Mountain Biking, Winter Sports, etc.... Previous experience in a winter and/or outdoor sport is a plus, but not a requirement. It would be nice if you had an interest in sustainability and digital products. Professional knowledge can be an advantage, but is not a selection criterion.

For reasons of neutrality, we unfortunately have to exclude Collaborators who work for a sporting goods brand (including testimonials, suppliers and service providers) from this application.

Does it cost anything? We cover the cost of all activities, food and drinks during the jury sessions. We will also cover the cost of train travel (or a car allowance of maximum €300) and hotel accommodation if required (if you need to arrive the day before or stay an extra night because you are not home at the time: we can arrange this).

What do you need to do now? Please write an entry with the following content: a) Upload a short (60-90sec) video introducing yourself and describing in one sentence why YOU are the perfect jury member for this round. b) Also describe in a few sentences in writing what special experiences/special knowledge/skills/education qualify you for the jury. What is most important to you in the field of sports and sporting goods? Also, briefly provide some basic information about your age, name, and where you currently live. What jury session(s) would you like to attend?

Your entry will only be visible to you and us, the other Collaborators will not see it.

Application deadline: we will keep the portal open for applications throughout 2023. Selected judges will be notified approximately 3 weeks in advance.

Some impressions from last year:


3.11.23 17:48

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I wrote many times that it would be an honor to be part of the ISPO jury

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I wrote many times that it would be an honor to be part of the ISPO jury

24.08.22 19:01

Amazing experience, I´m a little far from there, greetings from Chile!


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